Against Violence toward Chinese and Asians!

    Violence happened continuously in Bayview, San Francisco and Oakland lately. Several American-Chinese were assaulted and some were even beaten to death by juveniles, however, the mainstream media chose to ignore it. Bai Lan, the consultant of Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, was quoted as saying that the above-mentioned cases reported by media only represents a very small fraction of the brutalities encountered by  the American-Chinese in US.

    We can’t let this happen anymore! While we grieve for the victims, comfort their friends and families, we are inviting all community members to call on authorities to stop the violence in the communities that we live in.

    The Chinese Mutual Aid International Network (CMAIN) launched a petition and donation campaign to fight violence toward Chinese and Asians! We hope our voice will be heard and therefore urge the authorities to strengthen the safety of our neighborhood. Pan Wei Xuan, the ethnic Chinese member of the police commission will submit the petition letter to the police committee meeting. Let us all contribute to build a better and safer community!

    Please sign the petition By Clicking Here to show your concerns and your strong support to stop violence in our community. Your donation will be used in following area:

1.     Media ads on local English media such as SF Chronicle and
2.     We are also considering ads on major highway bulletin boards in the bay area

If you'd like to make this happen and do your part for the community, please click the DONATE link below.

For Campaign Against violence toward Chinese and Asians!

To Donate by Credit/Bank Card or Google Checkout, Paypal, Please visit:

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1172 Murphy Avenue, Suite 237
San Jose, CA 95131, USA
Check Pay to: C.M.A.I.N.

Make note: Campaign Against violence toward Chinese 4-28-2010

If you have any questions regarding donation, please contact: DONATION@CMAIN.ORG

CMAIN is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organizations, donations are tax deductible, including Microsoft, Google, Intel, Yahoo! and many other companies providing donation match. Specific reference to "How can I get company Match?" Or write email to : GPSFAN@CMAIN.ORG  for any further questions.